Sitting In A Place Where I Am Unworthy

This day was the end of a journey that saw 15 team members travel well beyond their comfort zone.  These team members tiredly made their way to a camp ground that has now become something amazing.  I can still recall the day when I first saw the wilderness where the camp now sits.  I can still hear the excitement in the Romanian missionaries voice as he spoke about God’s vision for a people and a place.  Eight  years later it has become a reality.

However as we talked this afternoon there were no praise given to himself, but only to God.  “Worthy is the lamb to receive glory, honor and praise, ” Revelation 5:12.  As I sat there with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, I felt the strong presence of God in our conversation.  Whenever God is properly honored, His strong presence always comes.  Today I felt that I was sitting in a place where I am unworthy.  Today I was reminded that all we have is a gift from God and I was reminded that I have so much more to praise Him for.

I wonder, is the place where you are seated right now really a place where you are unworthy to be? It could be work, or it could be the house you are sitting in right now.  As I sit here watching teenagers dive into the creek, I think back to  my earliest days and I can see God’s hand all over those days and I proclaim, “I am not worthy!!!”  I look at where I went to school and the education I received and I proclaim, “I am not worthy.”  I look at a picture of my wonderful wife and children and I am not worthy.   I look at the ministry I have been entrusted with and I am not worthy.  Praise be to the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please take a moment and consider all you have been blessed with.  Spend some time admitting you are not worthy and  also admitting He is worthy of everything.  Thank you Jesus for all we have and all we are in Christ.    May you become famous wherever the places we find ourselves today!!!

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