Please Do Not Give Us What We deserve

This morning I found myself in a moment of great humility as I sat before the Lord with my bible open.  I found great encouragement from the pen of Isaiah in chapters 38-41 as he gave God’s encouragement to exiles who would be granted the grace to return home.  In particular the words of Isaiah 40 are so filled with strength, “He gives power to the faithful, and to him who has no might he gives strength,” 40:29.  “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint,” 40:31. 

The people of God could confidently wait for their God. Their God and our God is a God of mercy and love who has given us Christ instead of His wrath.  The exiles would not receive what they deserved.  As I contemplated this truth I turned to Revelation 15 and 16.  In these chapters we see people who have rejected the love and mercy of God.  Here we see the wrath of God being poured out against the ungodliness of man.  After the third angel poured out the bowl of God’s wrath we find the following commentary, “It is what they deserve.”

I must admit, I became weak at this moment.  I gasped and wrote in the margin of my bible, “Please do not give me what I deserve!” Oh dear friend, if you and I get what we deserve, eternity will hold hell for us.  But praise God for His mercy which flows in abundance.

As I fell to knees to pray, joy and adoration was on my lips.  I could never praise Him enough for not giving me what I deserve.  But not only me, my entire family.  But not only my entire family, but multitudes beyond number in my spiritual family.  Yes, it was a joyous time.

However I was reminded by the Spirit of God, “So many do not know of this mercy.”  God’s wrath still remains on most of the world.  Millions have never heard.  So I ask myself, “How do we get this gospel to those who have never heard?”  The answer is in getting people who are not getting what they deserve to go to people who are getting what they deserve with the message of the gospel.

I want to encourage you to do two things today:

1)  Daily pray for God to give you understanding in the gospel as well as confidence to share the gospel in your mission field.

2) Discover those who have never heard and pray about how you can reach them with the gospel. Here is a helpful website in point two:


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