So Much At Stake

This morning I arose with a sense of a great weight on my shoulders. I am sure many of you have many experiences with this same feeling.  As I read God’s word the weight continued and even in my prayer time the weight continued to grow.  Finally I found myself weeding through picture after picture of the devastation of tornado’s in our nation.

As I sit here in front of my computer the reality of what is happening in our world, gets to the very core of who we as believers are and to what we are to be about on this foreign soil called the world.  One particular picture stands out to me as a man stands in the doorway of the only wall left standing from his house.  The picture captures his reality as you can see the sorrow and helplessness in his disposition.

I can honestly say, I felt his sorrow.  All of this drove me back to the scriptures that I had just completed.  I Kings ends with Israel in a mess and II Kings begins with that same mess.  So very much was at stake.  I thought about the call of God upon the life of a young prophet, Elisha.  He was now going to be God’s mouth peace.  It is easy to see that He knew so much was at stake.  As his mentor prepared to leave this world, He asks, ” Ask what I shall do for you, before I am taken away from you?”  At this moment, what was in this prophets heart comes out, “Please let there be a double portion of your spirit on me.”  

In this moment when so much is at stake, the man of God asks for the strength to carry on the ministry.  I must confess, there is always much I ask God for every day in my quiet time.  But how seldom do I ask my Father with urgency for the strength to carry on the ministry.  I often am asking for myself or I am asking for someone I love.  But with so much at stake, every day, I must ask God for strength to carry on the ministry of the Gospel.

I wonder, “Do we really realize how much is at stake every day in our world?”  Every day, ‘multitudes are facing disaster called eternity and most of them, 4.6 billion will die with Christ.  God help us to see what is at stake and God help us to be about the business at hand of reaching the world with the precious Gospel.

“Dear Father, give us the strength to carry out your work in this world.  Give us understanding in where we are to work and how we are to work.  Lead us to the people you are giving saving grace and lead us to the people who are facing their last days.  Father help us to never look to ourselves or to live in ourself.  May all of this be for your glory today.”  

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