What Would You Do?

This week I have been blessed to lead revival meetings for a church in the city of Shepherdsville.  The theme of the revival is the mercy of God.  This morning, I found myself faced with an issue that brought to light how seldom I truly apply God’s directive when it comes to mercy.

The situation is one that is well documented.  It is the continuing saga of the former governor of California and his marriage problems with his wife of 25 years.  Last week the couple announced legal separation.  This left the world to wonder why.  This mornings headlines shared one of the why’s, “The Governor had birthed a child by one of the workers in his home twelve years earlier.”  As I read this, I must confess that I struggled with mercy.

Now, I know that I do not know these people, nor probably ever will, but I have been praying for them.  However, it was more difficult for me to pray for Arnold this morning. Maybe you are facing the same struggle is some area of your life?  If so, I encourage you to simply submit to doing things God’s way and not your own.  What is God’s way?

We find and illustration of this in the life of King David.  In chapter 24 of II Samuel, David makes a serious error in attempting to take a census of his people.  The glory of Israel was not in David, but it was God Himself.  Trouble arrises and David is given choices in how God would deal with his sin.  Notice David’s response, “I am in great distress.  Let us fall into the hand of the Lord, for his mercy is great; but let us not fall into the hand of man,” 24:14.

Wow, David knew that he could not trust himself with mercy and he knew that he could not trust others to carry out mercy.  Mercy is totally a God thing!!!   I want you to go back and read the last sentence again.

Brothers and sisters, the key to having mercy is to be filled with Christ.  He alone is a God of mercy and He alone can give us the power to see others through His eyes.  Consider the facts: 1) All of humanity deserves the wrath of God.  2) All of humanity is sinful  3) All of humanity seeks not the benefit of others but self.  4) All of humanity does not seek God.

These facts recorded in Romans 3:10-12 help us to understand why we so struggle with mercy.  It is not in us.  But consider the facts:  1) God sent his Son to take God’s wrath. 2) God was sinless and through Him we sin less and less.  3) God’s Son came to bless us and He gives us the ability to bless others.  4) God’s Son perfectly followed the Father and grants us the ability to obey God.

These facts recorded in all the gospels is summed up in Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”  Only in Christ can we do the right thing every time.

So, I can honestly say, I am praying for mercy in the life of the former governor.  I would not, nor could I do this without His mercy filling my life.  Oh how I pray you and I do the right thing in all our relationships!!!

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