More Than I Deserve

This morning I found myself in a state of amazement as I read the book of I Peter.  In particular I was amazed at Christ work of salvation for me.  Here is how Peter describes this work in chapter one. “According to His great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” 1:3.  Never has this truth been any more amazing than it has been today.

Truly I can say, “this is more than I deserve.”  Two words describe the why of His salvation, “Great Mercy.”  God loves us far more than we could imagine.  His mercy was great in coming and taking our place on the cross.  Yes, He died in our place.

As I continued reading through I Peter, I praised my Lord for His work on my behalf.  “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness,” 2:24.  Yes, Jesus bore our sins.

If you want to really understand the greatness of His mercy, consider the following: “A man in China has appealed to the Chinese high court to overturn a death sentence handed down to him.  He was convicted of raping 114 women over a period of 15 years.”  Here is the deal, you and I would say, “he deserves to die.”  But consider this, “Jesus offers this man the same mercy he offers you and I.”  Jesus went to the cross for this man as well as for you and I.

Maybe you would respond, “He deserves to die.”  I would respond, “So do I, but for the grace and great mercy of God.” I praise God for His Great Mercy!!!

Let me encourage you, on this week of the celebration of Easter, to consider the great mercy that kept Jesus on the cross.  When I look at Jesus on the cross, I cry out, “This is more than I deserve.”  When I see the empty tomb, I cry out, “This is more than I deserve.”  When I look at my life today, I cry out, “This is more than I deserve.”  Some day in heaven, when I see the streets of gold, I will cry out, “This is more than I deserve.”

Today, spend time praising God for His great mercy.  Spend time progressing in your understanding of His great mercy.  And finally spend time proclaiming this truth to those who, like you and I, do not deserve the mercy of God.

2 Responses to “More Than I Deserve”

  1. Brian Says:

    Amen, praise God he caused me to be born again! When we can come to the point of being amazed… and not only amazed but glad from our hearts that God grants repentance to a convicted rapist, or a murderer. That is a gift of God, a precious fruit that gives me assurance. Because in my former state I would have said let me throw the first stone at this man! As a matter of fact i know ive said that. But, Paise God alone I no longer think that way, amen.

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