When Relationships change

Throughout one’s life the average person will develop many relationships on many different levels.  For example, “As a child you will develop relationships at school.  You see your friends each day, but when you go home you file that friendship away until the next day.”  However, when a child becomes a teenager, their relationships deepen.  These class mates become people you have over or you go over and you do things with them often.  Finally you arrive at the college years or you arrive at a choice to enter the work force.  Again relationships change, especially if you have met the person of your dreams.

As we think about relationships there is one example we have not given, “Broken or strained relationships.”  Throughout one’s life, there will be many instances when relationships will hurt.  Would it not be wonderful if there was something that you could put in your relationships that would guarantee success even in the hard times?

Well, if you desire this, I have good news.  There is a way to have guaranteed success in relationships.  The way is not in something but in someone, Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ is Lord of your life and Lord of those whom you have relationships with, you can guarantee you will be successful.  Notice I did not say perfect.  You will have ups and downs but you will be successful because of Jesus.

Case in study, the little book of Philemon.  Philemon was a slave owner who had been led to Christ by the Apostle Paul.  As Paul writes we discover one of his slaves has escaped.  This slave travels to Rome where Paul is in prison.  He talks with Paul and Paul leads him to Christ.  Paul in turn sends a letter to Philemon asking him to receive this slave back.  Here is an exert from the letter, “For this perhaps is why he was parted from you for a while, that you might have him back forever, no longer as a slave but more than a slave, as a beloved brother, especially to me, but how much more to you, both in the flesh and in the Lord.” 15-16.

When two people are in Christ they are identified as, “Brothers or sisters in Christ.” Question, “How many relationships do you have where you call you friend brother or sister?”  This is an awesome thing.  But it comes with great responsibility.

You are expected to be there for your brother.  You are expected to hold your brother accountable.  You are expected to do your part by being accountable.  Finally you are expected to stick with your brother through the good times and bad.

Over the years I have called many people brother and sister.  But to be honest, not all of the time has it always turned out to be true.  It is my prayer today that you and I would develop relationships that center on Christ.  It is my prayer that  you and I would deepen our relationship with Christ so that we could be better brothers and sisters to those around us.  Have a great weekend in Jesus name.

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