A Virtual Tour Of The Homeland

A Mother is Fort Wayne In. fed her 3-year-old son olive oil and vinegar until he stopped breathing and died.  She then wrapped his body in a blanket and hide it for more than a year.  When arrested yesterday she said, “I was frustrated with his temper tantrums.”

My heart was broken when I read this story on Foxnews.com. Question, ‘What is happening in the land we call home?”  There was a day when such stories were very unusual but no longer.  It seems that wickedness abounds on every corner of our nation.  The question on my mind is this, “How do we as followers of Christ, pierce the darkness around us?”

This was heavy on my heart as I read Ezekiel 6-10, Psalm 95, and John 13. Let’s begin with Ezekiel.  God has spoken to Ezekiel concerning Israel’s sin and His judgment that is coming because of sin. Chapter seven has the following somber words, “The end has come upon the four corners of the land,” 7:2. God continues to relate the extent of this judgment, “He who is in the field dies by the sword, and him who is in the city famine and pestilence devour,” 7:15. I wonder how Ezekiel felt at this moment?  In the very next chapter we find the answer as God takes Ezekiel on a virtual tour of his homeland, in particular the city of Jerusalem and its temple. I encourage you to read Ezekiel 8 and look for similarities in our homeland. In chapter 9 Ezekiel gets a virtual look at God carrying out His judgment.

Here was Ezekiel’s response, “I fell upon my face, and cried…”9:8.  As I read his plea with God I asked myself, “Why am I not broken for the place I call home?”  The fact is, for most of us believers, we do not have an informed knowledge of the depravity around us nor do we really focus on the destruction that awaits those who are depraved.

I found myself crying out to God for two things: 1) Please place me where I can see the depravity around me.  2) Please place in my heart and head a brokenness and a plan to get the gospel to these people.

No sooner had I lifted up this request to God when He came back with His answer from John 13, “Now all will know that you are Christians by your love,” 13:34. Wow, a depraved world will see the gospel in action as I love God and I love the people who are in this world.

My prayer for each who read this today is that we would love Him with our entire being and we would love those around us with our entire being.  Well, it’s time to cease writing and start viewing and loving the people around me.  I also think it’s time for you to cease reading and take a tour with Jesus today.

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