I Know

In life there are some things a person just knows.  For example, “If you touch a hot grill with your bare hand you are going to get burned.  If you walk out into the street during rush hour traffic you are going to get hit by a vehicle.”  However consider this, even though you know these things, you could still get burned and you could still get run over if you are distracted from what you know.

I chose both of these scenario’s because I know people who have been distracted and touched a hot grill.  I have known people who have gotten so distracted with thoughts or talking on the cell phone that they walked out in front of traffic, not waiting for the light to change.

Question, “Are there things you know, but have been distracted from?”  Consider all that Job is going through, “He has lost his children, his wealth, his wife does not understand, Satan is against him, and his friends are no help at all.”  It would truly be enough to cause a man to lose all hope.

However Job continues in his faith even though his friends keep reminding him that they believe he is facing adversity because of his sin, Job 18-19.  In chapter 19 Job describes the depths of his agony, “Even young children despise me; when I rise they talk against me,”19:19.

Job cried out for mercy in Vs: 21, “Have mercy on me, have mercy on me, O you my friends; for the hand of God has touched me.”  At this moment, what would you say to Job?  What advice would you give this man of faith? Or better put, “What do you know?”

Here is what Job knew, “For I know my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand on the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God,” 19:25-26.  Job knew that His God had redeemed him and this redemption guaranteed him resurrection from the dead and a place in heaven.  So for Job he knew this troubled water would not be the end of his story.

As I was praying after reading this I asked the Lord, “What do you want me to write about?”  It was so clear that I was to challenge each of you to consider what you know.  The fact is truth that is not tested is only theory.  However truth tested because a reality in which the person can say, “I know.”

So what you and I believe will really come out when we are tested. However if we get distracted from what we know because of sin or doubt we can live in fear and frustration. Consider what James writes about in James 4:1-10.  When you are fighting and arguing it reveals the wicked desires of your hear and you will fail to live by what you know.  When you are fighting Satan, you must first be submitted to God before you can have victory, but you will forget this and fight in your own strength.  You see I know I cannot defeat my enemy but my God can, because as I have submitted to God I have discovered Satan is no match for God.  Job is allowing God to be his redeemer in everything.

I know He is my redeemer and I know He will redeem everything in His time for His glory and My God.  Oh how I pray you can come to the place of this truth in your life.

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