Open To Reason

“The longer the conversation went the more heated it became.”  Does the previous sentence seem strangely familiar to you?  Certainly everyone who reads this blog has familiarity with conversations that get heated.

Consider Job, the longer his dialogue with his three friends went the more heated it became. If you are following the dialogue, Job 15-17 you realize this is round two.  Job’s three friends have already taken one shot at him and now they take a second turn.  But this time the onslaught gets worse as Job’s friend accuses him of not only being in sin but now that sin includes not fearing God.  Here is how he describes it, “Should a wise man answer with windy knowledge,” 15:2.  As I read this it became clear that this guy thought Job was blowing in the wind with his words.

Job’s reply comes quick and it is cutting, “I have heard many such things; miserable comforters are you all,” 16:2.  Job continues by sharing how devastated his life has become, “My face is red with weeping and on my eyelids is deep darkness, although there is no violence in my hands, and my prayer is pure,” 16:16-17.

The fact is, Job’s friends and even Job were locked into their position and they were not open to reason.  This was clear to me as I read James 3. As you know James 3 is the strongest of teachings concerning our speech.  As I read the chapter I realized these guys were cutting Job to pieces with their words.  Why were they doing this? James answers, “For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice,” 3:16.

Only when we listen to God with a pure heart can we really reason with anyone in conversation. “The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial, and sincere,” 3:17.

Certainly the conversation in the book of Job was anything but this.  And sadly enough in most heated conversations we fail to have the wisdom that is from above because our ears are closed because of the obstruction of sin.

I found myself praying that God would create a pure heart within me and that I would always test my heart against James 3:17 before I shared in conversation with anyone, especially those that the conversation will certainly have differences of thought.

Maybe you are struggling in a conversation that you have already had or you need to have?  Let me encourage you with the Psalmist words, “Be still and know He is God,” 46:10. As you and I listen to God He will show us what is in our hearts and He will cut out the sin and create within us a clean heart that is ready to hear from heaven and to submit to heavens direction.  When this happens you and I will speak with power and every strong hold will be broken down in Jesus name.

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