In The Right Hands

I am always amazed at how ordinary things become extraordinary in the right hands.  For instance an orange round ball can hold people spell-bound when the ball is placed in Labron James hands.  An ordinary f-16 fighter jet becomes a source of wonder and amazement when controlled by one of the famous, “Blue Angels.” A piano becomes a vehicle to communicate the wonder of God through the hands of a wonderful musician like Pastor Dale.  Each of the things I just mentioned are taken to  a new level by the hands they are in.

Question, “Whose hands are your life in?”  Remember Job?  He is the guy who finds himself in the greatest of hardships and he just cannot figure out why.  His friends are wrongly convinced, it is because of his sin.  This morning I read Job 11-14, Psalm 44, and James 2:14-26.

Here is what I discovered, “Job knew his friends were wrong and he did not want to be in their hands.”  Job actually said of his friends, “You are worthless physicians,” 13:4.  Understand, if we place our lives in anyone else’s care, including our own, we are in the hands of people who are worthless in solving our greatest problem which is sin and self.

Job choses to stay right where he had been staying, in the hands of God.  Here is Job’s proclamation, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust Him,” 13:15.  Job knew that only God’s hands could accomplish what he needed in his life.

We discover in this text that God’s hands are mighty, Job 12.  The Psalmist wrote, “It is your right hand and your arm that deliver,” 12:3.  Brother and sister, trust in God’s amazing right hand and He will come through in His timing.  Did you get the last part of the last sentence?  We must trust in His timing.

On of the toughest parts of trusting in His hand is when it seems that He is lowering his hand with you in it into rough times.  I have discovered in these times that God is showing me, how much or how little I really trust Him.

The late Adrian Rogers wrote, “You will never learn that God is all you need until He is all you have.”  In this moment of Job’s life it was just Job and the Father.  In the end it was all he needed and brethren He is all we need.”

Secondly I discovered that God’s hand is a hand of mercy.  Job was not perfect and God would have to correct Job, but God loved Job and He extended mercy in His life and oh how many times has God extended mercy to His people. Consider James words in chapter 2.

Brothers and sisters we live in a world that is sinful and is in the misery of their sin.  As you and I proclaim His greatness, by our dependence, we are letting the world know of the difference He makes when lives are placed in his hand.

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