Listen To Me

This morning we continue the story of Job.  Just yesterday we read how Job finally spoke after seven days of silence in the midst of his storm.  Job thought he was making the best decision, but the three friends who were with him thought differently.

For the next 30 chapters these friends will go back and forth with Job trying to get him to listen to their viewpoint. The first friend speaks up in chapters 4-5. He is probably the oldest friend and he begins with a question,”Will you be patient while I speak?”

If there is one thing I have learned this week, It has been the need to listen to what others are saying.  But also to listen with a heart informed and filled with the word of God.  Job’s friend, I believe was sincere in his viewpoint.  Besides who else would have stayed seven days and mourned in silence with his friend.  But sincerity alone can do as much damage as someone who is intent on giving bad advice.

Consider the theology given to Job.  Job’s friend begins by correctly pointing out, “God will destroy the sinner, Vs:7.”  We know the sinner to be the one who refuses to come to Jesus.  He continues by correctly pointing out, “God delights in the saint, Vs:7b.”  Those who follow Christ will experience His blessings.  Next Job’s friend is correct in pointing out, “God disciplines the saint when he sins, 5:17-18.”  But what his friend does not do is to give an answer to the trouble that comes to the one who is walking in the will of God.

As I closed chapter five, I had this burning in my heart, to know the entire word of God and not just part of it.  As I read James 1:22, I felt the weight of not just knowing the word, but living the word out in my life.  Then as I read Psalm 41, I was reminded how life is tough and only a Holy God is always faithful and only God has all the facts.

Daily I must walk in the grace of God so that when I reach out to others they may know that I am sharing the whole counsel of God.  Question, “Are their people in your life that you want to help?”  Do you find yourself saying, “If they would just listen to me?”

Dear brother and sister, there is such fallacy in this.  I am growing to where I want everyone to only hear what God says.  This is exactly what Job needed.  He did not need to hear from man but from God.  I realize Sherry’s family doesn’t need my viewpoint, they need God’s viewpoint as they discover how to walk in grace as God prepares mom for her homecoming.

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