The Best Option

When life is easy, decisions seem so much easier to make.  But when life is difficult, discovering the best option often becomes one of the most grueling processes of each day.  Over the years I have watched people who used to be so at ease, happy, and kind become stressed, sad, and mean-spirited in pursuit of the best option.  Certainly you and I have not only seen this in others, we have also been there ourselves.

Consider Job, he doesn’t understand all that is going on in his life and he is yoked with people who are sharing their opinion about his best options and for the most part they are sharing from misplaced priorities.  Seven days have passed (2:13) and now Job is ready to speak.

In his mind, the best option, Job 3, would have been if he had never been born or that he would have died in childbirth.  In other words, “If he could go back, he would have said, I don’t want this option for my life.”

Brothers and sisters I have discovered the worst option in any tough time is the option of listening to your own understanding.  James 1:19-21 confirms this, “Be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.”  James encourages us to listen to God, cleanse ourselves of sinful hurtful thoughts, and pursue His will in our lives.

In Psalm 40 David cries out, “I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart,”40:8.  Oh how I wish I could always say, “I want His option in my life.”  O how I wish I could say, “Your law always governs my decisions.”

Question, “Are you following His direction in your tough time?”  Consider Job in Job 3.  He cries out to God and says, “The best option is to never be born.”

How does a person know when they are not choosing the best option?  Such a person evidences three characteristics as Job does in this text.  First, they are always looking back, Job could not see God in the present because of the hurt so he looks back.  Second, They are always latched to the burdens of the moment.  Every moment is consumed with the hardness of the moment.  The option of believing God has something wonderful in this is seldom considered.  James teaches us to remain under the trial knowing that God is taking us to a place of maturity in this trial.  Finally, such a person is living in brokenness.  The joy of the Lord seems so far away.  Sadness has replaced the Spirit of God which leads us in expectation of triumph.   Here is how Job summed it up, “I am not at ease, nor am I quiet; I have no rest, but trouble comes,” Vs:26.

If this is you, it has been me from time to time, I plead with you to read Psalm 40 and come to a place where you place everything in His hand and you leave it in the only place where there is wisdom, power, and true unconditional love and grace.


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