When Distractions Come

It has been one of those mornings for me.  A morning filled with distractions.  As I sat down to write this bog, my access to the account was denied.  The more I worked at getting on line the worse it became.  Suddenly I remembered the word of the Lord.

My devotions this morning covered Matthew 11-15.  In Chapter 12 Matthew shares the story of Jesus family coming to Him and wanting to meet with him.  Jesus was not distracted. Here is what He said, “For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother,” 12:50.

The fact is Jesus was on a divine timetable and He was not going to be distracted by anything or anyone who would move Him away from the will of His Father.  Question, “Are you being distracted this morning?”  For me, I realized a sovereign Lord was all in my distraction.  While I was trying to get back into my blog site, I was working through emails and one came in from a discouraged brother.  Suddenly I realized the will of God was for me to be on my email site at this moment so that I coud give encouragement to a discouraged brother.  God is so awesome.  What I thought was a distraction was actually God moving me away from the distraction which was my own agenda instead of His agenda.

As soon as I responded to the email, I was able without a hitch to get back into my blog site.  For just a moment would consider the magnitude of what you have just read.  Our God has a divine plan for our lives.  Our God wants us to simply submit to His plan and to confidently trust in what comes our way without complaints or frustration.  Consider everything that comes from our Lord as being good for your life.

Ours is to simply be a life that is lived in faith and obedience to his every move in our lives.  Oh that we would come to a place of contentment with the will of the Lord.  When we come to this place we will be able to discern what is His will and what is Hells distractions.  Here is what Jesus said to His disciples, “But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear;” 13:16.

I leave you with the precious word of the Lord, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,”  Matthew 12:34.

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