He Understands!

Last week our family traveled to a funeral service for the father of a dear friend to our family.  On the way back we stopped and spent the evening with my best friend.  He is one of those guys who loves to give my kids gifts that challenge their minds.  Last week was no exception as he gave John a gift that he said, “he had been trying to work out for 50 years.”  One week later our family still hasn’t figured it out.

This morning’s bible reading covered Psalms 141-150.  Psalm 147 was a great blessing in my life as I read the following, “Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite,” 147:5. As I read this, I thought, “How does the Message translate this verse?”  “Our Lord is great, with limitless strength; we’ll never comprehend what He knows and does.”  Wow!

Our God does not only enter into our circumstances, He understands every angle and He understands what the outcome will be.  Even though our family does not know how to work the puzzle given to us, our God does.

How often do we find ourselves dealing with the puzzle of life and we throw up our hands and we say, “I give up.”  God’s response to this is simply, “Praise the Lord.”  Our God wants us to give up searching for answers in our finite mind and simply seek His wisdom.

Please understand, God is not in heaven trying to figure out an answer for your problem.  God has had the answer since before time began.  What He is waiting for is simply for you to figure out that He alone has the answer for all you are facing.

So swallow your pride and humbly admit to God, “I don’t understand, but praise Your name because You do.”  Now that you have taken the hardest step,take the next step and submit to His will in this situation.  Simply pray, “Lord I do not have to understand all of my circumstances, I simply trust that you do and you will work it out for the best.”

Friend, there is something liberating about such a prayer.  It seems as if real peace comes.  For me, it allows me to do the things He has called me to do without the distractions of things I cannot do.

I leave you with the precious word of the Lord, “He is not impressed with horsepower; the size of muscles means little to Him.  Those who fear the Lord get God’s attention; they can depend on His strength,” Psalm 147:11.

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