It’s Over Before You Know It!

Yesterday my oldest son turned fifteen years old.  He is now taller, in may ways smarter, and even stronger than his day.  I found myself reciting the old cliche, “it’s over before you know it.”  It seems like only yesterday when it was April 20, 1995.  The time was 10:27 Pm and our firstborn son was coming into the world.  There have been many wonderful days, but they have gone by too fast.

As I was reading Psalm 81-90, I was reminded of this as the Psalmist wrote, “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom,” 90:12. It is the wise person who seeks the Lord’s direction for every moment of his or her life.

If we fail to have God’s perspective on life we will waste our lives with many less than ideal things.  For instance, “How much time have I wasted watching TV?  How much time have I wasted in pursuits of things that really did not grow the kingdom of God?”

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