He’s always right

Around our house we have been blessed with three confident children.  Confidence is a great thing when it comes to many of the challenges we face in life, however it can be a dangerous thing if that confidence is based solely in self.  For instance my boys are always trying to convince each other that they are always right.  It get’s intense when they stand toe-to-toe with each other arguing that they are always right.

Again it is dangerous when one has total self-confidence.  The truth is there are often times when both my boys are wrong in their attitudes and their assumptions concerning many different things. I wonder do you find yourself struggling with the attitude that says’s I am always right.  I have been guilty with my wife, my staff, and even with God.  In these moments I have been far from what God wanted me to be.

This mornings devotion covers the 13 chapters of the book of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was a layman who was used of God to lead Israel to rebuilt the wall surrounding Jerusalem.  I have read this book many times and I love the multitude of leadership principles that are taught within its chapters.  However this morning I was particularly gripped by chapter 9.  In chapter 9 the law of God has been read to the people and they have confessed their sins and wept.  After this several of the Levites begin to praise the Lord.  In particular Vs: 33 leaped off the page, “You are just in all that has befallen us; For you have dealt faithfully, but we have done wickedly.”

As I read those words I was reminded that He alone is always right in all of His judgments.  I also was reminded that I am not always right.  This helps me to keep in perspective the fact that He alone is to have the final say in every part of my life.  So the only way to be always right is to humbly submit to His judgments in life.

Think how much better our lives would be with others if it were Christ who was giving the direction, handling the conflict, given the glory, and making the choices in our lives.  I know that Keith and John would get along much better and they do when they apply this principle in their lives.  And oh by the way so do I with my wife, my staff, and with my God.

Let me encourage you to submit to His direction in your life.  Cease relying on your wits and your ways.  Remember He is always right.

Maybe you are locked in a conflict even as you read this devotion?  You find yourself at odds with family, friends, your self, and even God.  Isn’t it time you confess your pride and independence for what it is, sin.  And isn’t it time that you submit to His will in this conflict.  I promise you, when you do, your life will experience peace once again.

I leave you with the precious word of God, “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up,” James 4:10

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