Thanksgiving Pt. 3

He entered once for all into the holy place, not by the means of the blood of goats and calves but by means of his own blood, thus securing an eternal redemption,” Hebrews 9:12.

As you know we are spending this thanksgiving week focusing on the things we can be thankful for.  This morning is no exception as we consider Leviticus chapters 1-3.  The book of Leviticus is often hard for the western believer to understand.  The book is filled with a sacrificial system that is easy for the Jew to understand, but for the Gentile it is not so easy.  However for those who take the time to read, study between the lines, and compare with the New Testament, there is overwhelming benefit.  In particular we have a great reason to be thankful that our God, as indicated in Hebrews 9, has made a way for us to be forgiven before God.

For example, we consider Leviticus one where God tells Moses to instruct the people how to make a burnt offering.  This offering was made when someone sinned and they wanted atonement for the sin.  Several things stand out: 1) The sacrifice was to be a male without blemish.  2) The person who offered the sacrifice must put their hand on the sacrifice identifying this sacrifice was in their place.  3) The priest was to sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice before the Lord.  4) The Sacrifice was pleasing to the Lord.

Brothers and sisters what a great picture we have of the Sacrifice of Christ.  He was without blemish.  He came to identify with us in taking our place on the cross.  His blood was sprinkled to make atonement for our sins.  His sacrifice was the most pleasing sacrifice ever given to God.

The fact is, the burnt offering only make an atonement that covered man’s sin so that he could be in earthly fellowship with God.  Jesus sacrifice made eternal atonement for man’s sin.  I give thanks to God that I do not have to offer sacrifice each day for my sin.  Not only is my sin forgiven, it is forgotten because of the power of Christ atonement.

Brothers and sisters we have much to be thankful for on this day before Thanksgiving.  Yes, there will be many turkeys sacrificed tomorrow so that we can have an enjoyable meal.  But even greater, one Savior, Jesus Christ was sacrificed for the salvation of many.  Let us celebrate Christ above all things and all people this holiday season.

One Response to “Thanksgiving Pt. 3”

  1. Brian Says:

    Amen. I have partially read a book called “It is well” that speaks on the sacrificial system and Christ, it blew me away. Thx for the post.

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